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CIGAR PACKAGE DESIGN (CPD) is a South Florida based agency specializing in the design and branding needs of the premium cigar industry. Over the years we’ve learned that creating an image for a new (or existing) cigar line is personal and hands-on. This is where we excel. Our hands-on approach and our ability to solve challenging visuals that communicate have truly been the keys to our success. We fill in the gap between product and your target audience.

We’re passionate about all-things cigars. We’ve truly embraced the cigar culture that is deeply woven into South Florida. We work smart and hard, play nice, and make our clients and their cigars look good.

We can concept, design and produce logos (brands), cigar bands, magazine ads, print materials, package design (silkscreen, cliché, paper wrapped, MDF), trade show/booth (IPCPR, Big Smoke, CigarFest). CPD is a division of Can I have Your Attention – advertising & branding. We possess over 20 years of combined experience across a wide range of visual design fields. Lets work on your next project, contact us today.




Cleveland grew up playing in the fields of his father’s South Florida farm.

“There’s something about being connected to the ground…the dirt and earth, watching life grow from the smallest of seeds, nurtured to become a strong, abundant crop. And with all the work and love put into the growth, you reap sustaining rewards.”

This is much like the way CPD works in branding you and your company. Starting with the smallest seed elements, getting to the root of needs and solutions to nurture the growth of your product for you and the consumer to enjoy.

“I remember running through tall fields, surrounded by the lush leafy aromas of all the tomatoes, eggplant and squash growing there. Scent, whether from a tomato or tobacco leaf, still carries a strong and powerful memory that keeps us connected to farms and products grown there. ”

CPD understands these roots of “where you come from” like no other successful cigar branding company. We speak your language and translate it to the world.

“My father was in charge of many acres of land and of the people who worked on the land. He celebrated the good times of abundant crops, but when hard times came, he never gave up. He knew others relied on his success, so quitting was never an option. Farming is a part of him…something he loves to this day.” 

CPD will always work harder to create winning ideas for your company. Like farming, it’s in our blood and what we love to do, watching and nurturing our clients’ growth every day.



Humberto is getting back to his Nicaraguan roots with a South Florida based creative agency.

Working with cigar manufactures and enjoying some of their wonderful cigars have brought back some of the most wonderful childhood memories of my grandfather Renato and I. May grandfather was a simple man born to a farming family in rural Nicaragua. As a boy, I would sit down on his lap and listen to his stories about life on the farm while he puffed on a cigar. He once told me life would take me to different places, but to never forget where I came from. He was proud and truly passionate about his country. The land which provided so much for him and his family. He loved his Nicaragua,” says Humberto.

Humberto is an art director/designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. He has an experienced approach to design and is great at attention-to-detail. As senior graphic designer and director of production (2002-2006) for Majestic Properties, Humberto knows how to implement and maintain all moving parts of a well-oiled marketing machine. In 2007 (to present) he co-founded Can I Have Your Attention (CIHYA) advertising + branding, a creatively-focused agency in South Florida. Since 2007 he has been producing exceptional marketing solutions for leading clients in Florida and beyond, including Aganorsa Leaf Cigars, Fratello Cigars, Casa Cuevas Cigars, Southern Draw Cigars and Villiger Cigars to name a few.

Today, after 30 years in Miami, I too love my new homeland and the opportunities it has given me. As I puff on my favorite cigars, the smoke and aroma reconnects me to my birthplace, my grandfather and the passion he had for the land – I bring my experience and passion to every project I take on today.” -Humberto Areas