Charlie Toraño Captiva



Project / Brand Identity & Package Design
Client / Toraño Cigars


We at CPD were truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on a project Charlie holds close to his heart. Our biggest challenge in this project was getting all the details out of Charlie, so we could begin creating an identity for the brand. The name Charlie Toraño Captiva is meant to be a personal reflection of Charlie and what he enjoys. The entire design, packaging and color palette are inspired by the architecture, lifestyle and the people in Captiva Island.

“Captiva, which is a very small island off the coast of Southwest Florida, is my favorite place in the entire world,” said Charlie Toraño. Every year I plan a summer family trip there which serves as my get-away from the everyday. It takes me back to the true essence of cigars. I am able to smoke and simply relax as I feel the pressures of life dissipate with every puff. I am able to reflect, count my blessings, and recharge my batteries. The Captiva cigar is a very elegant and flavorful cigar which represents the slow rhythms of the Island.”

The project includes logo, cigar band, box vista, IPCPR visuals, package design and overall presentation.