Fratello Cigars Sampler



Project / Package Design
Client / Fratello Cigars


You all heard the news first from @fratellocigars and #CigarInsider. Fratello Cigars is set to launch a limited edition box pressed 5-cigar sampler called #TheBoxerSeries.

Omar de Frias, Chief Cigar Smoker at Fratello Cigars, presented us with a challenge we couldn’t refuse. To create a replica of a traditional cigar mold consumers could take home. He wanted a piece that was both functional and educational, but also appealing for marketing purposes.

The result is a great 5-cigar sampler that resembles a traditional wooden cigar mold, a tool used in the cigar-making process. We created a rustic and authentic look & feel for the limited quantity packaging to add character and personality. The entire crew at Fratello Cigars is eager to start doing in-store events and promotions with the new samplers, which will help to further promote the brand and sales.