NicaTabaco Factory Blend No. 2



Project / Package Design
Client / NicaTabaco, SA & Duran Cigars


The #NicaTabaco cigar factory in #Esteli, #Nicaragua is ready to launch its own factory blend at this year’s #ipcpr2015. The #NicaTabaco Factory Blend No. 2 from #DuranCigars is a new bundle brand and will come in six vitola sizes.

We’ve created cigar bands and bundle labels which highlights this specific blend. Our design approach is flexible and will make it easier to incorporate all future blends under the #NicaTabaco label.

It is great to see this factory’s growth in the past 24 months. Not only do they keep busy manufacturing cigars for other brands, now they have expanded their production by making their own blends. #NicaTabaco Factory Blends will be distributed by #DuranCigars in #Miami, FL.