The Voyage by Baracoa Cigar Co.



Project / Logo/Identity, Package Design & Cigar Bands
Client / Baracoa Cigar Company


We at Cigar Package Design are thrilled to be working with Mr. Danny Vazquez of Baracoa Cigar Company. We first met Danny back in 2014, when he reached out and asked us to create a logo/identity for Baracoa Cigar Co.

Fast forward to 2016, Danny is launching ‘The Voyage’ at this year’s IPCPR trade show. ‘The Voyage’, manufactured at the La Aurora factory in Dominican Republic, has received early enthusiastic feedback. Everything in life is about timing, back in May of this year, Baracoa Cigar Co. had everything in line to push ‘The Voyage’ into production and make a splash at this year’s show.

Unfortunately for us, no concept had been drafted for ‘The Voyage’ and time was not on our side. Fortunately for Danny, we were at the helm of this ship, and we designed the logo, packaging, cigar bands and overall presentation of the brand in record time. The concept and idea celebrates the journey taken by individuals from all walks of life. The image and branding revolves a nautical theme, with elements of a navigational compass and rustic nautical charts/map.