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A good cigar and a game of golf are sure a winning combination. So when TWIN Design Group set out to create a 5-cigar sampler, they called Cigar Package Design to create yet another winning combination.

With TWIN Cigars’ passion for golf and our passion for design, we set out to create a custom packaging, one that would be used as a premium giveaway at golf tournaments around the country.

We met and exceeded all requirements for the project. We designed and supervised production and manufacturing of limited production samplers. Final boxes were primed, painted, varnished and finished of with white foil stamping. A small window cut on the lid was created so that three out of the five cigars (and bands) showed through.

Result: Client now has a premium 5-cigar sampler giveaway he can use to promote his brand of cigars around golf courses, country clubs and tournaments around the country.